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Marie Staiger | Roseville, MN

I grew up on the East side, and currently work in St. Paul. I was immediately attracted to this project as a way to not only use my knitting and crochet skills, but to connect with this hometown project. I am happy that people will be able to see fiber work displayed as a legitimate art form. Many knitters, crocheters, and quilters I know are so talented that I consider their pieces to be works of art.

I always find myself working in bright vibrant colors. My weather cozy, showing average high and low temperatures in St. Paul, varies in most of the colors of the rainbow. It is inspired by my grandpa, Ben Webster, who faithfully kept records of rainfalls and loved his Farmer’s Almanac. My second cozy in the Farmers Market is even brighter, with bright flowers against a background of almost neon green. I hope to bring some color and hope that spring is just around the corner!

Cozy Dedication: “To my Grandpa Ben.”

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Vivien Schneider | St. Paul, MN

I wanted to contribute to the community and thought this was a great idea to meet other knitters in the area. My grandmother in law actually gave me her old knitting supplies since she no longer knits and I found a piece of work she was in the middle of. I thought it was a great way to add it into the cozy. Being an eye doctor, I felt the need to add eye related themes hence the glasses, eye and Goldmann mires. Thanks for letting me be a part of this project!

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Debbie Ceci | St. Paul, MN

I have yarn bombed downtown in the past. The city told me it would be taken down.
Delighted when I found out about Lamppost Cozies. “Sanctioned Yarn Bombing”. I am in!!!!

Cozy 1 was crocheted by using up my yarn stash. It was really fun to put colors together.

Dedicated to the memory of my Grandma Marjorie Rowena Skow who taught me to knit when I was 9 years old. She always said, “Make sure you have your handwork with you.” I thank her for giving me hours of pleasure,serenity & sanity.

Cozy 2 was made from quilting scraps. The inspiration was the ladies of Gee’s Bend.
African American quilters from Alabama who used scraps to create their quilts. They have been featured in a documentary and shown at many museums.

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Rachel Kroeger-Tabor | Inver Grove Heights

I’ve been crocheting for about 20 years and I’ve always wanted to yarn bomb something.  When I saw this opportunity online I knew I had to be a part of it.  Seeing everyone’s different and creative approach is pretty inspiring.

Cozy Dedication: “To all military veterans, but especially my husband Dave Tabor.”

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Sarah Stengle | St. Paul, MN

I moved to Minnesota five years ago in part because I longed for real winters. I am in a small minority for whom winter is the absolute favorite season. I love how the sky looks pink instead of orange at dawn and how snow dampen sounds. Frozen rivers are gorgeous, never muddy! And ice catches the light. With my Lamp Post Cozy I tried to portray the shimmer of ice. I used pale blue-grey silk taffeta and silver alcohol-based ink. The ink spots are designed to blend with the splashes of slush that will inevitably accumulate. I am hoping for an ombre effect from dark at the bottom to light blue-grey at the top as hundreds of passing cars leave their spatters behind. I also doubt my choices and worry that mine might end up being only a visual whisper in a vibrant crowd. Bright colors will show up beautifully in an already wintery grey downtown. Well, if it only whispers, that would Ok with me. Persephone may be waiting for Spring: I am not! 

I look forward to seeing every single cozy installed and how expect the collective project will briefly, but memorably transform downtown Saint Paul. 

Cozy Dedication: “To Rebekah Dupont.
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Marie Grivios | Columbia Heights, MN

Years ago, I wasn’t interested in learning to crochet or knit until a co-worker showed me how to make an afghan with the Tunisian stitch. I made a warm afghan and enjoyed the camaraderie of crocheting together. I recently started making washcloths for a school fundraiser for my niece and thought joining the Saint Paul Cozy project would be fun. Thank you for the opportunity to participate!

Cozy Dedication: “To my friends at Day Away.”
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