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Caitlin Anderson | Plymouth, MN

After seeing a post on the St. Paul Saints’ Facebook page for the St. Paul Cozy project, I knew right away I needed to sign up and become a part of this event. I love to knit and the idea of decorating lampposts of St. Paul sounded right up my way. In addition, my dad has worked for the St. Paul Saints (as Trickster the beer vendor) since their inception so I figured this was a way for me to support an organization that gives back to the arts.

My mom was the one who got me involved with knitting. For many summers, we would go to Irish Fest Summer School in Milwaukee, WI. I became interested in knitting through the camp and my mom and I would attend knitting classes there from local shop owners. She encouraged me to try new patterns or would pick me up different types of yarn from places she went for me to use.We enjoyed going to local yarn shops while traveling.

After signing up, I called my mom’s business partner and dear family friend, Pam, to tell her about this arts movement and ask her to join me in knitting a lamppost cozy. She responded with an enthusiastic yes and told me to sign her up. This event would be more than just knitting a cozy for a lamppost but a deeper connection for us as we made our way through an emotional time. You see I had just lost my mom about two months prior to signing up. It was not just a devastating loss for me but also for Pam and her family as our two families are extremely close and have shared quite a bit together in our lives. This would be part of our new normal and a therapeutic way to work through our grief. In addition, a wonderful tribute to my mom.

My cozy displays a penguin, which is my favorite animal. 

Cozy Dedication: “This cozy is in dedication to my mom, Helen Wilke.”

WEB-MakerTag_CaitlinAnderson         FM west penguin

Tonya Gaudette | West St. Paul, MN

I love to make. My piece is crocheted with t-shirt yarn, ‘rescued’ from local thrift stores.  I like to call it “41 t-shirts”.

Cozy Dedication: ” To my grandmother, Eleanor, who taught me to appreciate all things handmade.”

WEB-MakerTag_TonyaGaudette     Tonya1        Tonya 2

Sheila Burke | St. Paul, MN

Unlike many knitters who learned the craft from a relative at a young age, I took up knitting by attending a class about 12 years ago at a local yarn store and completely fell in love. Through knitting, I’ve been able to make warm clothing or unusual accessories for those I love. I’ve created scarves, blankets and hats for those in need, for newborns, old friends, neighbors and colleagues. I’ve been able to produce teacher, housewarming and shower gifts–sometimes in a single day on the day that I needed them. And I’ve spent countless hours multitasking while I’ve stood in line, watched a movie, attended a Twins game or little league, traveled across the country and on the Green Line, or connected with other knitters. I’m grateful for all this hobby has given me, and I’m so happy to have been part of the Saint Paul Cozy project. It’s a small way to give back to my adopted state, city and community. 

WEB-MakerTag_SheilaBurke      shelia burke2        shelia burke1

Kat Cantner | St. Paul, MN

I learned to SCUBA while I was a student in Monterey, California and it was an ethereal experience. Through this piece I wanted to share the splendor of the kelp forest with people who might not have had a chance to see it for themselves. Minnesota might be far from the coast, but the ocean is always with me. I’ve featured ten animals and three algae species on this piece, including 4 kinds of nudibranchs – my personal favorites. I hope they bring you as much joy as they bring me.

I am a geologist, oceanographer and illustrator so this was the first subject that came to mind when I was invited to join the Saint Paul Cozy project just two weeks before the deadline. Although I’m an avid knitter, I decided to try sewing as a fiber analog to painting. And oh, what fun it’s been! This has been a grand experiment and I’m thrilled with the process. Thankfully I have a patient quilter in my life who has graciously donated her fabric and advice. Thank you, Alex, for your encouragement.

WEB-MakerTag_KatCantner     kat detail        kat2

Sonia M. | Maplewood (formerly from St. Paul), MN

WEB-MakerTag_SoniaMunoz       sonia m1       sonia m 2

Margaret Laramie & Mary Kleinberg | St. Paul , MN

Mary saw the story of the cozy project in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and shared it with Margaret. We both felt it would be a fun project to get involved with. We applied for a lamppost and once accepted, were eager to begin.

Margaret had extra green yarn so we used that as our base color. We wanted a colorful cozy that would make people happy. We thought mixing plain and multi colored yarn would make the cozy more fun and vibrant. We added the yarn tassels for a little flair!

Our cozy was made first as a means of civic engagement, and also as a way for a mother and daughter to share in the joy of putting our knitting skills to use!!

We hope you enjoy looking at our cozy, and that our lamppost stays nice and warm and cozy!!

Cozy Dedication: “To the people of Saint Paul to brighten and cheer you during this winter of 2018!”

WEB-MakerTag_MargaretLaramie-MaryKeinberg      margaret 1        margaret 3

Fran Cummins & Betty Andrews

WEB-MakerTag_FranCummins-BettyAndrews      fran bettie2        fran bettie 3

Shaina Michael | St. Paul, MN

I love yarn!

WEB-MakerTag_Shaina Michael       Shaina Micheal       shaina michael2

Nancy Adomeit | Roseville, MN

From the early years of the Winter Carnival into the early 1940s local companies participated in the St Paul Winter Carnival with marching clubs, jumping teams and decorated floats. The Great Northern Railway sponsored such a club made up of Great Northern employees as well as summertime employees of Glacier National Park. Their float was always an homage to Glacier National Park as it was the railroad’s signature destination. The railroad’s marchers wore costumes made by the Hudson Bay Company of Canada.  My cozy uses the Hudson Bay colors that are now closely associated with Glacier Park.

Cozy Dedication: “My cozy is dedicated to the history of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and Great Northern Railway’s Glacier Park Marching Club.”

WEB-MakerTag_NancyAdomeit      nancy3       nancy2

Tara Weatherly | Lowertown St. Paul, MN

For my Cozy I used yarn from my grandma’s stash. I can remember a lot of the yarns being used in various crafty projects throughout my childhood – the pink used for little bunny magnets, the red, white, and sparkly green was a xmas tree ornament, the rust color used for placemats. I had to think long and hard about whether this was a proper use for this yarn that holds memories for me. But what better way to share this little piece of my history? Saint Paul Cozy is a visual and tactile “library” of individual stories.

Cozy Dedication: “To all of those who value art.”

Meet the Maker! Watch video here.

WEB-MakerTag_TaraWeatherly      tara 4       tara 5

Rachel Wacker | Lowertown St. Paul, MN

WEB-MakerTag_RachelWacker-C2      rachel b1        rachel B2



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