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Martha Madsen | St. Paul, MN and Durand, WI

I’m a newcomer to St Paul. I still work in Wisconsin as a Farm Broadcaster and I don’t mind my commute. I look forward to the drive and I have found to love this city. My new husband and I live in the “shadow of the Cathedral” as I so often relay to Wisconsin friends. There is something comforting about hearing the bells each day.

My introduction to this wonderful art project was through a friend of a good friend. I happened upon the story of St Paul Cozy on Allison Smith Steffenhagen’s facebook page. She and I are both Western Wisconsin women that have found home in Downtown neighborhoods of St Paul. She also saw my posts of my crochet projects that I was making for holidays. Allison reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to crochet something and she would provide the yarn. For her, this project is important as well, because of living in the neighborhood that the cozys will be installed, and also being so connected to those involved with the project. Just by letting me know that, I jumped at the chance to make something for us both.

Most of my crochet ( and knitting projects) have been as gifts for others. As a new resident, I am so very happy to gift something cozy for a place that has made me feel so comfortable and welcoming.

Cozy Dedication: “To my Patron and Yarn Sponsor: Allison Smith Steffenhagen.”

WEB-MakerTag_MarthaMadsen      martha madsen1      Martha Madsen 1

Mary Ann Foster Moran | Forest Lake , MN

I am a retired teacher born and raised in East St Paul Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood. I attended Mounds Park Jr High school and it was in junior high activity class that I learned to knit. It has been a lifetime hobby for me of almost 50 years!

I currently live in Forest Lake but still consider my St Paul roots a very important part of my life. I love making knitted items for my kids and grandkids. When I retired I started writing my own patterns and selling them on the internet.

I consider knitting to be an art form and was thrilled to participate in this event! I love the chance to promote St Paul and knitting!!

Meet the Maker! Watch video here.

WEB-MakerTag_MaryMoran       mary moran1       mary moran2

Mei Salter | Minneapolis, MN

I chose to take part in this project after seeing a post about it online. I grew up in the Twin Cities and have seen yarn cozies on bike racks, lamposts and benches around town and was so excited at the opportunity to take part! I just started crocheting this past fall and have found I love it and really can’t stop! would like to do more community based crochet and can’t wait to grow into the community and craft world. If you’d like to see more of my projects and follow along in the crocheting I’ve done, I’d love to connect on Instagram-  @craftysalter. Stay cozy out there!

WEB-MakerTag_MeiSalter,  mei2      Mei1

Madeline N. | Madison, WI

I started knitting maybe 20 years ago, and always look for an excuse to create something elaborate. I can’t just do stockinette all day every day. I chose to do a cable sampler, since lace might’ve been too flimsy (but is equally fun). The yarn comes leftover from baby knitting projects, where I attempted to turn infants into vegetables.

WEB-MakerTag_MadelineNorton     madeline

Molly Harrington | Hasting, MN

WEB-MakerTag_MollyHarrington     Molly Harrington A2        Molly Harrington A1



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