Broadway Street

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Eileen Johnson | St. Paul, MN

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Jill Smith | St. Paul

I love things made by hand, and I’m so excited to be part of this project.  I made this on very big needles that made people ask questions wherever I worked on it.  They all hope it keeps the lamp post warm and cozy!  I’m looking forward to seeing St. Paul colorful and bright during the grey days of winter!

Cozy Dedication: “To Dottie Brumm, my knitting instructor extraordinaire .”

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Alexandra Guirlina | Minneapolis, MN

Crocheting, which I learned from my mom and grandma, is very dear to me. When I say “dear”, I mean really dear – moving from Ukraine to the US four years ago, I brought along in my suitcase an old pouch full of USSR-made crochet hooks that my mom used to own. And, yes, my “lamppost blanket” is made with Soviet hooks, American yarn, and by Ukrainian hand. Apart from my crocheting prehistory, I was very curious to test my skills in a public art project – and that’s what brought me to become one of the makers of the Saint Paul Cozies. The end.

Cozy Dedication: “Cheers to Marge Norwick for giving me all this yarn!”

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Jeanne Weatherly | Elk River

Cozy Dedication: “I dedicate this cozy to my daughter, Tara, who asked me if I would make a cozy for this project and to my mom, Alice, whose weaving I incorporated into my crocheting.”

Meet the Maker! Watch video here.

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Debbie Ceci | St. Paul, MN

I have yarn bombed downtown in the past.  The city told me it would be taken down. Delighted when I found out about Lampost Cozy’s. “Sanctioned Yarn Bombing”  I am in!!!!

Cozy 1 was crocheted by using up my yarn stash.  It was really fun to put colors together. Dedicated to the memory of my Grandma Marjorie Rowena Skow who taught me to knit when I was 9 years old.  She always said, “Make sure you have your handwork with you.” I thank her for giving me hours of pleasure, serenity & sanity.

Cozy 2 was made from quilting scraps.  The inspiration was the ladies of Gee’s Bend.  AfricanAmerican quilters from Alabama who used scraps to create their quilts.  They have been featured in a documentary and shown at many museums.

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Beth Barron | Lowertown St. Paul, MN

I’ve always wanted to do a yarn bombing project.This gave me the push I needed. I would have loved to have been more involved. Tara and Rachel did an amazing job. 

Lowertown is going to be so beautifully embellished by these labors of love. Especially this winter that has been so cold. I love knowing that some part of my ‘heart’, my ’self’ will be a bigger part of Lowertown. I love knitting and don’t get the opportunity to knit as often as I would like… so I had fun taking my odds and ends and knitting up something warm and cozy for my lamp post !! 

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Stacy Remke | Mpls but have been a denizen of Lowertown since 1998 as co-owner of the Black Dog Cafe

I loved the idea of yarn bombing Lowertown! Though I have not knitted or crocheted much in recent years I have tons of yarn from days as a weaver and so was happy for an excuse to use up some odds and ends that I found. I like to make long, straight things because I don’t have fancy skills, but really enjoy putting colors and patterns together and seeing what comes out that wasn’t planned. The Black Dog Cafe is really my art project. I like to see what unexpected things happen there too!

Cozy Dedication: “To the very special place that is Lowertown!”

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