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Jean Jansen | St. Paul, MN

When I was about 9 years old, I wanted to learn how to knit. My mother was not a knitter, so she bought me a book, needles and some yarn. Learning from a book was a little bit difficult for me, and she could see I was getting frustrated. She knew of a neighbor who was an avid knitter, but we did not her very well.  Mom made a phone call, and of course, she was more than happy to teach me her craft. We became lifelong friends because of our shared interest. I would visit our neighbor frequently during summer vacations and days off school and we would knit together. I proceeded to make hats, scarfs and slippers for my brothers and other family members. They would complain about having to wear my handmade items, but my parents were insistent they support me.

I have knitted my entire life. I have made sweaters, afghans, a baptismal gown, and even entered some items into the state fair.   Our family all has hand knit Christmas stockings, and I have made them for other family members as well.I have also shared my love of knitting with others in teaching them to knit as well.  

I received an email from that Saint Paul Saints advertising the Lamp Post Cozy project. When I read it, I was excited to participate in a project that fit my skill and interest. It was a few weeks before Christmas, and I was not sure I would be able to get anything done in time. I put my mind to the project after Christmas and created a Cozy for my lamp post which is located at 5th St. between Broadway & Wall on the north side. I dropped off my cozy on Saturday, January 6th. I will be anxious to see it in place.  

I selected a pattern I had done before and knew I could work out the size that was needed for the cozy project. I used bright colors as suggested. I am hoping the project works out well for Saint Paul, and many people make a trip to visit our beautiful city. 

Meet the Maker! Watch video here.

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Beverly Berryman | Minneapolis, MN

I decided to do this because I’ve always wanted to “yarn bomb” something, especially in the many places I travel to, but I just haven’t had the time. I knit and crochet and I just learned how to weave. I learned to crochet when I was 16, back in the 70’s, but I quit the craft because I really wanted to be able to crochet my own clothes but the patterns I could find were all blocky and ugly (think granny square vest). I have always wanted to be creative and I enjoy the arts, but I can’t draw or sing or write fiction, and as far as I know there isn’t anyone knocking down my door to ask me to act in their latest play. However, I found out, about 11 years ago, that I have an affinity for the fiber arts, I can knit! Quite well actually. Once I joined Ravelry.com and saw how many patterns there are out there, AND, the work that the Russian and Japanese designers are creating for crochet, I decided to take up crochet again also. My daughter talked me into going to a weaving retreat last April at the San Juan Islands and now I weave too!

So, I joined the group late and I don’t have a lot of time to create my cozy. At first I had grandiose ideas about using all three of my fiber skills: weaving, knitting, and crochet. Well, the “thing” that I wove on my little 15″ Cricket loom is now going to be a bath mat, enough said about that.. I turned to knitting and I seem to have lost my knitting mojo, it started out being 30 inches wide at the bottom (I only need 23 inches) and then I decreased too quickly and I ended up with something that looked like an apron and I wasn’t even half way done. Since I am now pressed for time I ripped it all back last night and started crocheting, I was up until midnight and then I woke up at 7 this morning and worked some more on it. I will be done in time, but it won’t be quite what I was hoping for, but it will be pretty!

WEB-MakerTag_BeverlyBerryman      Beverly Berryman B1        Beverly Berryman B2

Heidi Landon | Hamline Midway-St. Paul, MN

My friend who works at the St. Paul Saints shared the link on facebook, and I knew right away, that I wanted to be a part of it. I love knitting and really all things artsy. My favorite thing to do is knit and binge watch Netflix. It makes me feel like I’m productively multitasking! I can’t wait to see all the other cozies. Thanks for letting me be a part of this!

WEB-MakerTag_HeidiLandon       Hiedi Landon 1       Hiedi Landon 2

Kate Whittington | Bemidji, MN

Being part of this project is such a fun way to represent my town of Bemidji with a Paul Bunyan themed cozy!  

I started knitting in high school and learned to crochet from a dear friend in college.  It is my stress relief and a way to calm myself during the day! Seeing projects come together and continuing traditions my family has passed down to me like baby blankets and personalized Christmas Stockings, is so rewarding. I hope to teach my daughter and son so they can continue the tradition. 

Cozy Dedication: “To Wyatt and Savannah.”

WEB-MakerTag_KateWhittington      Kate Whttington 1        Kate Whttington 2



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