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Jaiden Julson | Brooklyn Park, MN

This is a collaborative piece between me and my mom. I wanted to start more fabric arts, and we have accomplished that. I am planning on exploring cross stitching next.

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R.S. | International Falls, MN

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Karuna Ballolla | Plymouth, MN

I was excited when I got to know about this event as I am crazy about crochet and wanted to identify myself among those who have the same passion for art, feel a sense of camaraderie in a sense I guess.  I was “hooked” on to Crochet by my grandmother and I fell in love with it instantly.  Though there was a desire to pursue this art form, life had other priorities and Crochet took a back seat, a very back one.  After moving to the US, I found out that my interest and love for this art had not completely died down.  Access to a variety of tools, materials and techniques helped bring this back to be one of my top priorities.  I have loved every minute I have spent on any crochet project.

As part of the Saint Paul Cozy event, I wanted to share my passion and love for this art with others and also be a part of this beautiful city’s landscape.  I have been so excited that I could not decide on a theme for my project.  Finally, after listening to a lot of talk about color and discrimination in the same sentence , I came up with this theme – “Vibrant Colors”

Born in a country where culture is identified and known for rich vibrant colors where use of colors is not only for decorative purposes but deeply embedded into all aspects of life so much so “Festival of Colors” is a day dedicated to celebrate colors.

I have used – 

Ivory / Cream representing Pureness and calm adding elegance to the work.

Orange representing Humility and Energy adding a creativity factor.

Bright Red representing Prosperity and Happiness.

Dark Red representing Power and Passion adding energy to the work.

Yellow representing Sunshine and Hope adding an antique value.

Techniques used:

I have used a Tunisian Shell stitch for Ivory / Cream; Orange; Bright Red and Dark Red yarn and a linked double crochet for the Yellow color yarn finishing with a regular Double Crochet for the edges in Ivory / Cream and Orange yarn.

Welcome to Vibrant Colors!!!!

Cozy Dedication: “To my Grandmother.”

WEB-MakerTag_KarunaBallolla     karuna 3       karuna full pole

Shelly B. | St. Paul, MN

Thanks to my Grandma and my Mom, I have been a Maker and a Baker from a very early age.  I’ve been told that when I was a young toddler, I greased and floured my baby brother!  I do remember that my baking training started with scraps of pie crust dough, and that I started learning to hand sew on gingham scraps. My dolls had a lot of headscarves and aprons. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was in 4th grade. My mother taught me hand sewing and embroidery, and crochet. Both women were extraordinary cooks and bakers and gardeners and bee-keepers and tractor drivers and everything else farm life called for.   

I signed up to create a cozy because I still love to make things from scraps! Also,  though I love the Winter Carnival, I am not always up to the cold weather. This way I can be part of the action downtown no matter how cold it is! 

 My sewing machine conked out while I was working on my lamp-post cozy, and that has led to some wonderful things, including reconnecting with my enjoyment of hand stitching, and with the fun of hand-making things in the good and interesting company of other Makers!

Cozy Dedication: “To my Grandma,  Emma Kuesel.”

WEB-MakerTag_ShelyBritton            shelley b1           shelley b2

Mary Apgar | Oakdale, MN

I want to make time for creativity. This project is helping me to get started on that. It also feels good to be part of something that will bring people some joy.

WEB-MakerTag_MaryApgar         mary agpar 1



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