4th | Minnesota – Cedar

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North Side

Daniela Bianchini | Minneapolis

I decided to participate in this project because I am passionate about public art. I love projects that bring people together and beautify our city.

I learned to knit at a young age watching my grandma, knit at an unbelievable speed. I remember the fast tic tic tic noise of the needles touching while she made the most amazing sweaters. I decided to shared this project with my grandma. I started knitting in Minneapolis and brought it with me to Argentina during the holidays.  Grandma was enthusiastic to help me out and with her amazing speed, she  finished the cozy in no time.

My humble cozy is the result of the love of a beautiful grandmother and her granddaughter.

Cozy Dedication: “For the love of public art.”

WEB-MakerTag_DanielaBianchini       daniela 1       daniella 2

Chloe Russell | St. Paul, MN

WEB-MakerTag_ChloeRussell    chloe1    chloe3

Teri Burkstrand | New Hope, MN

I don’t have a very exciting story as to why I decided to do this project.  A friend sent me the link and I thought this would be fun and a good way to use up some of my yarn stash.

Cozy Dedication: “I would like to dedicate my cozy in loving memory of my Grandma Miller and long time friend Shirley Ross.  These two women taught me how to crochet at a very young age and are why I am still crocheting today.”

Meet the Maker! Watch video here.

WEB-MakerTag_TeriBurstrand     teri burkstrand1        terri b 2

“The Favorite Aunt” | South St. Paul, MN & Webster, WI


Heather M. Cole | Saint Paul

My first fiber work, at age 3, involved gluing colored yarn to pictures I drew. My current work uses consumer packaging as materials and frequently shows its textile influences.  I often work on or stage my art projects out in public and I loved the idea of showcasing the Arts District of Lowertown by using fiber arts in this way.


Cozy Dedication: “To my grandmothers: Lessie, who taught me tatting. Edna, who taught me to quilt. Both, who taught me to find value and beauty in all things.”

WEB-MakerTag_HeatherCole       Heather 2       4TH-Minnesota-Cedar

South Side

Pam Lipe | St. Paul, MN

This cozy includes some hand-spun wool, hand-dyed wool, and commercial wool and ribbon.  These fibers have been knitted together. I am involved in this project because I love Saint Paul and I love creating with fiber. 

WEB-MakerTag_PamLipe     Pam Lipe 2.JPG        Pam Lipe

Suzanne Turnquist Hicks | Org. Des Moines, IA, transplanted to Robbinsdale, MN

I am dedicating this to my many Aunties that made me my first blankets, and inspired me by doing many different types of Needle Arts, Thank You for your inspiration! I have made enjoyed making cuddly blankets for great nephews, great nieces, an almost grandchild (an exchange student’s baby), a set of twin girls and special friends. I love thinking of them and putting lots of love and good wishes into each blanket that I have made. I have my, special blankets that were made for me as a child, I love the tradition of a special handmade gifts of love. I thought what a fun way to share the warmth with the St. Paul Cozy Makers.

WEB-MakerTag_SuzanneHicks      Suzann Turnquist Hicks     minnesota-cedar1

Teresa Haider | St. Paul, MN

WEB-MakerTag_TeresaHaider      Teresa Haider 1       Teresa Haider 2

Suzi Wint| St. Paul, MN

WEB-MakerTag_SuziWint        Suzanne Wint




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