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North Side

Jennifer, Boss Artist/Owner NumiSupplies | Franconia Township

I got involved in the Saint Paul Cozy project for several reasons. First, Lowertown has been a huge part of my artistic life. I studied at the Minnesota Artist’s Studio school in 1989 which was located in the Jax building ( the cool old elevator worked back then for anyone who’s wondering). In 2006-07 I rented an art studio, again in the Jax. Finally, and most significantly, I currently attend Flamenco classes at Studio Sendero located in the Lowertown Underground Artists studio space. Each of these experiences has shaped me into who I am today.  Secondly, I got involved, both as a maker and a sponsor, to say, “thank you” to the artists who put their heart and soul into the Lowertown community. Rage to Order is committed to keeping the arts alive and accessible. This project, in particular, opened the door for people from all over MN to get involved, myself included – and I’m so glad I did! Finally, I got involved in this project because I like to make things. I had to keep going back to the drawing board, but my fellow makers inspired me to keep making, keep progressing. I think we all got a lot more out of this experience than we put in, I know I did. Thank you Rage to Order for making this possible!

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Brenda Brousseau | St. Paul, MN

I chose to be involved with the Cozy Project because I liked the sense of community it provided me. Being part of something that was bigger than I was alone.

My grandma taught me to knit and crochet. She has been an inspiration throughout my creative life.

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Teri Sue Hitchcock | St. Paul, MN

Dragon scales were chosen because they’re fierce and beautiful, just like much of this town and the people in it. I love being able to create something artistic that is bright and colorful from a ball or two of yarn!

WEB-MakerTag_TeriSueHitchcock     dragon scale1     teri sue hitchcock

South Side

Kathy Lewinski | Minneapolis, MN

After helping to yarnbomb the 2017 MN State Fair as part of the Great Minnesota Knit Together and seeing the great reactions from visitors, I knew I wanted to be part of Saint Paul Cozy. As a knitter who loves to design colorwork patterns, I thought of my cozy as a big blank slate with which to play. The patterns on my cozy vary from basic geometric shapes to things that make me think of MN like loons, dala horses, snowflakes, and even the state itself. I like to think of it as a big fair isle sweater. This cozy was knit in the round and then a method called steeking, where the knitting is cut open, was used to turn it into a flat piece for installation. I hope the jewel tones and designs add a little brightness to a Minnesota winter.

Meet the Maker! Watch the video.

WEB-MakerTag_KathyLewinski      Kathy Lewinsky 2       kathy lewinski b2

Kim Chase-Kozak | Saint Paul, MN

The materials for this cozy were taken out entirely of the stash I maintain for teaching tween and teens fiber arts. I first learned to knit at age 11 from my grandmother and learned to crochet after inheriting all her crochet hooks many years later as an adult.  I carry a project everywhere I go and have way too much yarn at my house. I love the idea of yarn bombing our fair city and public art makes me happy! It has me thinking about applying this art in a more out of the box ways.

Cozy Dedication: My crochet buddy and daughter, Ella and my fiber arts students at Planet Homeschool.”

WEB-MakerTag_KimChaseKosak     Kim Chase Kosak        Kim Chase Kozak 1

Coly Intemann | St. Paul, MN

I am happy to add some color to a public space! I learned how to knit and crochet from my grandmas, who would be very proud that I contributed to this project. Try using this piece as a fishing net in the summer or a scarf in the winter.

WEB-MakerTag_ColyIntemann       Coly Intemann 2       Coly Intemann

Adella Wacker | Eagan, MN

My husband gave me a table loom for Christmas 40 plus years ago. I finally took weaving lessons several years ago and now enjoy weaving a few scarves each year for friends and family.

I did this project to support my daughter Rae (one of the organizers) and the great Lowertown Saint Paul art community.

Cozy Dedication: “To the Lowertown Art Community.”

WEB-MakerTag_AdellaWacker      adella wacker 2        adella wacker



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