Summer Cozy

The SUMMER COZY installation is happening at the St. Paul Saints!

Three games:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June 25-27, 2018
The short documentary “Saint Paul Cozy” by Kinostadt Films will be playing on the big screen before each game
During the Monday game there will be Cozy Makers on hand to talk to guests about the project as they work on small pieces for a community wall.

We’re in the News!


The commute may be a snowy mess, but downtown St. Paul’s light fixtures are looking warm and snuggly.

In what some have mistaken for a cozy act of civil disobedience, a coalition of self-described “yarn bombers” brazenly decorated light poles and street fixtures by St. Paul’s Rice Park and up and down Fourth Street on Sunday, directly in front of the Ramsey County Courthouse and St. Paul City Hall.

The yarn vigilantes signed several of their elaborate knit creations by adding laminated labels with their names, hometowns and even pictures of themselves, revealing a widespread network that stretches from the capital city to Embarrass, Minn.

On social media, at least one yarn-bomber pledged to continue to wrap light poles with knitting this week.

The yarn work is led by the “Rage to Order Artists Initiative” of Lowertown, with support from the St. Paul Saints Art Program and a series of sponsors, including St. Paul and Ramsey County.

The goal is to wrap 158 lamp posts along 12 downtown city blocks from Rice Park to CHS Field and keep them on display into March.

  • Knitters working with Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown are
    Knitters working with Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown are
    Knitters working with Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown are
    Knitters working with Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown are

Knitters working with Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown are “yarn-bombing” 158 lamp posts along 12 downtown St. Paul city blocks from Rice Park to CHS Field and plan to keep their work on display into March, 2018. (Frederick Melo / Pioneer Press)

Project will wrap 158 St. Paul lampposts with cozy, colorful yarn – Twin Cities

Minneapolis To Put The Super Bowl On Ice

1, 2018 By

“It’s so cold that the light poles in downtown St. Paul have cozies on them. In Philadelphia, the “Crisco Cops” covered light poles with grease to keep people from climbing up the poles after last week’s NFC championship game (which didn’t work). But here in the Twin Cities, authorities seem so deathly afraid that some child will turn himself into the second coming of Flick from “A Christmas Story” (a film taped in the downright balmy climate of Cleveland) that they commissioned a series of cozies to prevent it. Sure, each of the street poles have unique designs for their cozies, so it looks like a nice public art project—but we know what the deal is.”

Only 41 Lamppost left!

We are  thrilled by the outpouring of enthusiasm for this project!

  • 115 participants have signed up to make a cozy, which means we are 70% of the way to our goal of dressing 158 lampposts.
  • We’ve hosted 3 “Meet and Make” gatherings at Hygga Lowertown and had the pleasure of getting to know over a dozen cozy-makers. Event Calendar
  • 2 completed cozies have already been submitted!
  • 45 participants have joined the “Saint Paul Cozy Makers Group” on Facebook and are sharing helpful tips and awesome in progress photos.
  • There is photographic evidence that at least 5 cats are “helping” with the project.

Have you reserved your lamppost yet? Participate



The first submitted lamppost cozy, quilted by Suchi Sairam of St. Paul

Meet your fellow Cozy Makers

We’re building a community of Cozy Makers, online and IRL!

The Cozy Team will be hosting “Meet and Makes” at Hygga Lowertown on Wednesdays and Saturdays from Nov 29 – Jan 17, 2018. Bring your supplies, grab a beverage, and enjoy some good company. See the Cozy Event Calendar for more details.

You can also connect with other participants through our facebook group:
Saint Paul Cozy Makers Group

We can’t wait to see what you make!

-Cozy Team


Maker Registration is Now Open!


CozyCard-PosterASaint Paul Cozy is a community-sourced yarn-bombing project that aims to bring color
and cheer to Downtown St. Paul this winter.

Led by the Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown, Minnesota artists and crafters are invited to crochet, knit, weave or quilt a lamppost “cozy”. The cozies will be installed along 12 blocks of 4th Street from Rice Park to CHS Field prior to the Winter Carnival and will remain up through the month of February.