Only 41 Lamppost left!

We are  thrilled by the outpouring of enthusiasm for this project!

  • 115 participants have signed up to make a cozy, which means we are 70% of the way to our goal of dressing 158 lampposts.
  • We’ve hosted 3 “Meet and Make” gatherings at Hygga Lowertown and had the pleasure of getting to know over a dozen cozy-makers. Event Calendar
  • 2 completed cozies have already been submitted!
  • 45 participants have joined the “Saint Paul Cozy Makers Group” on Facebook and are sharing helpful tips and awesome in progress photos.
  • There is photographic evidence that at least 5 cats are “helping” with the project.

Have you reserved your lamppost yet? Participate



The first submitted lamppost cozy, quilted by Suchi Sairam of St. Paul


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